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Terms of Service Contract - GDPR Compliance

While this document addresses the European Union’s new GDPR law, Red Oxx felt it was necessary to offer all our customers information about data collection, how we use this data, and how it may affect our customer’s privacy. By purchasing from Red Oxx you agree to our Terms of Service and accept our efforts at GDPR compliance.

International customers cannot order product from Red Oxx on our website until they agree to this Terms of Service contract and our International Shipping Policies agreement. Access to agreement to these policies is available when you select your International Shipping location in the cart checkout address form during purchase. Note that the cookie that works this agreement lasts for 24 hours. EU customers agreeing to this contract hereby allow the data collection software Red Oxx uses, as listed below, to operate certain aspects of the website (for example: viewing product videos).

EU customers can also contact Red Oxx Customer Care to have their email accounts deleted with no further marketing sent to them.

Red Oxx is in the process creating the option of "allow" or "disallow" cookies being placed on your computer when you visit our website. We expect this to be implemented soon. In the meantime, you can remove cookies and reduce data collection by following these procedures. 

Microsoft cookie removal.

Mac cookie removal.

Portable Apple devices cookie removal.

Android systems cookie removal.

Software and Systems that Gather Data for Red Oxx Marketing

  • Adroll – Adroll is a remarketing software that pitches ads to customers who have visited the website and then surfed to other sites. Ads Red Oxx created are then seen on other sites. This is operated by a cookie system.
  • Google Analytics – Red Oxx collects data from Google users to determine marketing silos and success or failure of our marketing efforts. Google has implemented their own privacy policies that prevent us from seeing certain aspects of data. If you’re concerned about Google’s data collection there are alternate search platforms such as Duckduckgo available that offer user privacy.
  • Helpscout – This is a customer service provider software that assists Red Oxx in communicating with our customers more efficiently. More information about Helpscout’s privacy policy and GDPR compliance can be found here.
  • Klaviyo – This software drives our email newsletter, our welcome email series and after purchase email flows. Customers are now automatically opted in but can easily unsubscribe or request deletion of their email accounts in Klaviyo at any time.
  • Privy is our email newsletter opt-in and abandoned cart software. Privy has addressed GDPR compliance here.
  • Youtube – Our video channel is under the auspice of Google, avoid using Youtube if you’re concerned about data collection by Google.
  • Facebook and other social media – Red Oxx uses Facebook and other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest to pitch marketing. When you sign on with these social media outlets, you can arrange your privacy settings within each platform.
  • VIMEO – Red Oxx uses this video software hosting platform to operate our onsite product and customer service videos. More information about Vimeo’s compliance with GDPR can be found here.
  • VTex eCommerce platform - To better serve our customers we collect emails to process all orders placed on the website. See our privacy policy here and our email policy here. Vtex uses cookies to operate a variety of processes on the website. Should customers disallow or block use of cookies on our website the user experience may deteriorate.
  • Adwords – In the past Red Oxx has used Google’s Adwords advertising service to market to new and current customers on Google's search platform. Red Oxx is not currently using Adwords services, but may in the future. If this is a concern, you will need to use a different search engine.

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