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Red Oxx Privacy Policy

Red Oxx only collects information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and emails that you voluntarily provide. This information is used to process orders, provide tracking information and evaluate order satisfaction with a review request email. The product review survey and customer service survey are all operated by a third party app Shopper Approved. Shopper Approved will never sell or distribute your email or personal information.

Red Oxx may occasionally send out an email newsletter or product updates (spotlights) via email, a service for which you must opt-in to be included. 

We will always respect your right to privacy. Therefore, we will never share or sell our customer information or email addresses to any third party.

Information about other data that we use to assist us in our marketing efforts can be found in detail at our Terms of Service contract - GDPR Compliance. Note that International and EU customers must agree to this contract in the cart checkout in order to purchase from us.

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