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Troubleshooting Placing Your Order

On occasion there may be an issue where you are unable to place your order. 

If you find you cannot add an item to cart, particularly if you clicked to the item through an email, or advertisement link, here is a solution that may help.

Marketing to our customers requires us to include what is called a "tracking" link. Tracking links are commonly named after our campaign. For example we may have a special "Mother's Day" campaign email or Facebook or Google Ads campaign running. In order to track the success of our campaign, the tracking links are added to the product link. A sample product link with added tracking shown here in bold:

Here is a trick you can try to get the product advertised added to cart by stripping away the marketing tracking link and refreshing your browser cache. 

Desktop Windows: Chrome, Firefox and Edge: Find the browser bar at the top of your computer window. It will have the website address in it. After the website address you will see a right slash and then the product name, followed by a dash and the product sku, then another right slash and the letter p. After this letter you will then see a question mark. 

Place your mouse pointer behind the letter p and before the question mark then sweep the mouse to the right to highlight the rest of the address - this portion is the advertising campaign tracking link. 

Once you have highlighted this section of the link, hit the delete button

Now refresh your cache - either click the curled arrow or the Control - F5 keys simultaneously (Windows). After the page reloads, you should now be able to add to cart without further issue.

Desktop Safari. Apple made it quite a bit more complicated, depending on your operating system version. Follow the instructions regarding highlighting the tracking link, then deleting that part of the link. To clear the cache or refresh, go to this Safari Clear Cache Refresh guide website for further instructions.

Mobile iPhone and iPad: Apple mobile devices come preloaded with Safari browser. Again highlight the tracking part of the link with your finger, then delete that part. Refer to the linked article above for instructions on clearing your phones cache / refreshing the browser. 

Mobile Android: Again, try the highlighting/deleting tracking link procedure. Please refer to this Cache Clearing Guide from Google.

Mobile Samsung: Try the highlighting/deleting tracking link procedure. Please refer to this Cache Clearing Guide from Samsung.

NOTE: Typically CLEARING YOUR BROWSER CACHE can remedy any number of issues that you might experience on our website, including updating search, ordering problems (you may have to redo your order), and image display problems. 


Many browsers today contain privacy settings. We recommend if you're running Firefox, Brave, Safari and some other obscure browsers and if you're having checkout issues, to turn off your privacy settings. Brave also contains a setting called "Shield". This will sometimes block website features like displaying our product reviews or cause checkout problems. Simply click the Brave Lion Icon and turn off the shield setting, then refresh your page cache. 

Firefox - For proper website performance, it's recommended by our platform Vtex to turn off Security setting in Firefox. When configured to "Strict" in Firefox > Preferences > Privacy & Security, this setting may cause some websites to not display correctly.

Vtex also recommends asking customers to do any of the following to view and operate the checkout properly:

  • Change their Firefox security settings to "Standard"
  • Use another browser - Vtex recommends Chrome

If none of these procedures work for you please call us at 1-888-733-6999 during business hours Monday-Friday 10am-5pm and our customer care team will get you squared away. If possible to target the issue with our tech developers, please have your browser and device information ready and the date and time that you encountered your issue.This allows our website platform developers to pinpoint the issue and make needed corrections.

Please also note that our website platform does not support older versions of Internet Explorer. We recommend you upgrade to Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Brave, or Edge. Brave is the most private browser listed; it's fast, politically neutral, easy to download, implement and use, and you can transfer bookmarks from other browsers without issue.

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