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Rerouting Your Order to a New Address

Red Oxx can sometimes "reroute" your package to a different address from the one you entered when you placed your order. 

For fastest service, please call us at 1-888-733-6999 during normal business hours 10am - 5pm Monday through Friday. 

Please have your order number ready and the address of the new location you would like to reroute your order to. 

Be aware that depending on the location of your shipment en-route there will be an additional surcharge of $10. 

Please note that sometimes your order may take additional time to arrive to your new location.

Red Oxx can also "hold" shipping your order for delivery at a pre-selected later date. 

Red Oxx CANNOT change or upgrade the delivery service, such as from Ground to Overnight, 2 Day, etc.

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