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How My Account works

Our website is hosted by our ecommerce online provider Vtex.

The My Account page offers customers autonomy to manage their orders and personal data on a single page.

This feature facilitates the operation of your business by reducing operational costs associated with customer service.

The page displays the following sections:


In this section, customers can manage their personal data saved in the store. They can edit their profile information, set a new password, and choose whether to receive emails with promotions.

profile EN


The Edit button allows you to change the following profile information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Gender (optional)
  • Date of birth (optional) 
  • If the customer is a legal entity, they can Include business fields and fill in the following information about their company:
    • Corporate name
    • Business name
    • Corporate phone
    • State registration
    • Trade name


    The Set password button allows you to create a new password.


    Customers can check the option I want to receive the newsletter to receive promotions by email.


    This section displays all customer’s addresses saved in previous purchases.


    The Edit button allows customers to change their address information saved in the store.

    Add address

    The Add address button allows customers to include new addresses besides the ones added in previous purchases.


    This section displays a list of all orders placed going back 6 months. The list is sorted by creation date and displays details such as order date, total price of the order, order ID, status, and items purchased.  To inquire about orders older that 6 months please contact Red Oxx at or call us at 888-733-6999.
    orders EN
    The Orders section allows customers to track the progress of their orders. See below all available options.

    Order again

    In Order again, the selected shopping cart will be duplicated. This means that the customer can place a new order by generating a new cart with the same items as in previous ones.

    View order details

    By clicking on an order in the list, the customer will be able to view the details of that order, such as delivery address, payment method, and total amount. In addition, they can view tracking information once order has shipped.

    order details EN

    Change order

    If the order is in the Handling shipping status, you cannot Change order by clicking on More options on the order details page.
    Please call or email Red Oxx with any changes that need to be made to the order.

    Credit cards

    In the Credit cards section, the customer has autonomy to manage credit cards in their account. They can include and edit the credit card data saved at checkout. To add new cards, follow the steps below:

    1. Open My Account in the store.
    2. Click the Credit cards tab.
    3. Click the ADD NEW CARD button.
    4. Enter the card and billing address details.
    5. Click the SAVE NEW CARD button.
    6. Solve the reCaptcha challenge.
    7. The card validation process will happen automatically. If there is no problem, you will be redirected to the card list and the new card will appear on the list.
    Card ReCaptcha
    However, there are limitations for stores using 3DS authentication (V1 or V2) in their acquirers:
    • If a customer tries to add a new card that has not been previously used in your store, the following message will be displayed: There was an error while trying to save the card. For more details, visit our documentation The "Save new card" option does not work when using 3-D Secure (3DS).
    • If the credit card saved in the Credit cards section expires, the user will need to remove it and make a new purchase to save a new card. This is because 3DS authentication requires a transaction to update and confirm credit card details.


    This section can be accessed on the left side menu by clicking on Authentication in the user profile settings. It offers options for password and session management.
    My Authentication app EN

    Password management

    The Password component allows users to create their passwords, if they do not already have one, or change their existing passwords. To create a new password, follow the instructions below:
    1. Click on the SET PASSWORD button. The fields to create a password will be displayed, and the user will receive an email with a code to authorize the procedure. The email address to which the verification email was sent will appear at the top of the component.
    2. In the Code field, enter the verification code received by email.
    3. In the New password field, enter a new password. Below those fields, you will see the requirements for setting a valid password. As the user types the password meeting those requirements, their symbols will change from red to green. The password will be valid only if all symbols are green.
    4. Once you have entered a valid password, click on the SAVE PASSWORD button.
      My Authentication create password EN
    To change an existing password, follow the instructions below:
    1. Click on the RESET PASSWORD button.
    2. Enter the current password in the corresponding field.
    3. Enter the new password in the corresponding field, following all the requirements.
    4. Click on SAVE PASSWORD.My Authentication change password EN
    If you have forgotten your password, you cannot recover it using the option for resetting passwords. To recover your password, you must log out of your current session, try to log in using your email address and password, and click on I forgot my password.

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