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Red Oxx Recommended - What Does It Mean?

Red Oxx offers a variety of Travel Accessories that complement your Red Oxx Gear. These essential accessories are rigorously tested with the same philosophy we use to test the bags we build. 

Before offering these products for sale on our site or in our brick & mortar store, the herd takes them out into the field and runs them through the ringer. 

Products that merit consideration and testing must meet these demands:

1. Where is the item made? Generally accessories that are made in America get first priority. Those made in our home state of Montana are moved to the front of the line. Other countries such as Japan, France, Italy and Germany have frequently met our strict conditions. 

2. Does the item have a lifetime guarantee or warranty that is simple, straightforward and line with our own "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty?

3. Does the company have a similar method of materials procurement? If they are a USA based company, do they use USA sourced materials? 

4. Does the company have a unique niche? A unique product offering that would speak to the herd, aligning with our, and your, principles of commerce? 

5. And of course, is it a quality item that can be relied on to work as described and function beautifully time and time again as time rolls on? 

To learn more watch our Recommended Accessories Video here.

These factors are all taken into our determination of should it be sold on our website and in our Billings' Montana retail store. 

After all, we wouldn't want to degrade our brand and disappoint the herd with something deficient! 

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