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Difference Between CORDURAⓇ Brand Nylon Fabric vs. Ballisitic Nylon

Red Oxx builds most of our bags using primarily 1000 Denier weight CORDURAⓇ Brand Nylon Fabric, This fabric is strong, durable, flexible, difficult to tear if cut, resists UV rays and is water resistant. Denier weight refers to the fabric weave, specifically the number of strands woven into the fabric.The greater the weight, the more strands in the fabric, the stronger the fabric.

Some bags require a more durable fabric for their bases, or in the case of our Railroad Gear line, all inclusive. This fabric is 1050 Denier weight Ballistic Nylon, selected for it's greater resistance to abrasion, and excellent tear strength. The black color assists in keeping the bags looking sharp, while being used in the harsh, oily, dirty environment of the Rail Yard.

Ballistic nylon was developed from the ballistic flak jackets worn by airmen during the second world war.

One of the most durable textiles available Ballistic nylon is relatively easy to sew. Ballistic is used for the bases on our Expedition Series of bags, our K-12 Kat Pack Backpack, Big Bull Roll-up, our Railroad Grip and Railroad Rucksacks.

Ballistic Nylon Fabric offers:

  • Resistance to deterioration from the sun's UV rays.
  • Greater resistance to tearing than ordinary nylon.
  • Water resistant flexible polyvinyl interior coating (not waterproof).
  • Black color helps to hide dirt, oils and stains.
  • Heavier weave offers greater resistance to stains, oils, inks, paints, etc. 
  • Excellent uniform dye holding properties.
  • Easy to cut, sew and handle during production.
  • Is more resistant to abrasion than ordinary nylon.
  • Won't stretch, even when wet, nor shrink after drying.
  • Easy to clean using mild soaps and water, no harsh chemical needed (or wanted).

Red Oxx always sources our Ballistic Nylon from American textile manufacturers.

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