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Red Oxx No Bull Warranty

Red Oxx Gear is backed by the best warranty on the market. It's no wonder our fans are so... fanatic. The build quality, thoughtful and time-tested designs, plus a nearly 35 year long reputation for enduring toughness, it's easy to understand the healthy fanaticism.


As time rolls a ceaseless course, only the genuine guarantee remains. The mountains will persist, the oceans are bound to endure and Red Oxx will continue to be rugged, reliable, and tough. To the depths of the Amazon basin to the peaks of the Himalayas, Red Oxx Manufacturing is infallible. Our products are guaranteed forever, be sure to include them in your will. ~ Cheers, Jim Markel CEO

While the idea is to keep the "Bull" most companies put their customers through during a warranty issue, relegated down to "No Bull". It's also helpful to understand how the warranty "process" works - and how to make it go smoothly and stress-free for you!


If you have a bag that needs a little tender loving care, be certain to clean the bag first, and then fill out this Warranty Repair Form which comes with a shipping label, then print the form, toss it in the box, slap on the shipping label, and ship it out to us. Super simple, no strings.


Please make sure your bag is clean because if it has dirt in it, the dirt gets into our sewing machines and can ruin them. To clean your bag, just use warm water and mild soap, scrub it up, and hang dry. More detailed cleaning instructions available here.

Red Oxx will fix anything wrong with your bag. However, as cool as it would be to travel around and fix your bags on location, as you can imagine, it would not be affordable, plus our sewing machines are HEAVY. Even for bags that may warrant replacement, the bag needs to be sent in as well. Red Oxx requires the affected gear in-hand.

NOTE: Our warranty does not cover loss or theft.

A couple of precautions Red Oxx takes to insure we can continue to offer our killer warranty to you hard-working folks are:

1) ALL bags must be sent in, whether for repair or replacement (determined at our discretion).

2) Red Oxx does not offer a loaner bag program.

It's understood that many of our customers "live" out of their bags, which is why they are fixed up and shipped back to you as fast as possible.


There are some things that might happen to your bag that can be easily remedied DIY style if you find you don't have enough time to send it in. Sometimes, due to the nature of the construction of the bag (they are stitched together after all) you may encounter frayed threads. While this is not structurally detrimental to your bag, it can be annoying to deal with as it's frustrating when it gets tangled in the zippers.

Here is a simple two-step process to taking care of those pesky frayed threads yourself:

Step 1: Trim the threads.

Step 1: How to trim a loose thread on a Red Oxx Bag

Step 2: Use a lighter to "heat seal" the ends of the thread, making sure not to burn the bag's fabric.

Step 2: How to melt a loose thread on a Red Oxx Bag using a lighter.


Another easy fix is the case of the separated zipper. Whether it's just one popped zipper tooth or a whole chain, usually, it can easily be pushed back into place. As long as there are no missing zipper teeth, it will be as good as new. Here's a cool video where our CEO Jim Markel demonstrates fixing your zipper out in the field. You will also find much more detailed DIY repair instructions on that page. View the images below for simple instructions.

Zipper teeth have separated and are off track.

Zipper teeth have separated and are off track.

Place zipper over a flat smooth hard surface.

Place zipper over a flat smooth hard surface.

Use a tool to push the zipper tooth back into the track.

Use a tool to push the zipper tooth back into the track.

Zipper tooth is back on track - fixed!

Zipper tooth is back on track - fixed!


YKK makes the toughest zippers and sliders available. But sometimes the slider tabs can break off. Over the years, Red Oxx has seen some super creative fixes by our customers. These simple fixes can help you get by until there's time to send your bag in. Key rings, paper clips, baling wire, Cable Locks, zip ties, even glue…these are just a few of the fixes we've seen.

Sample of broken Zipper Tab customer fixes.


The entire slider with tab is one piece, so sadly we can’t send part of the slider to fix it yourself if one breaks. If it was available, the whole seam would have to come apart to replace it. If the whole slider is missing, the Fix n Zip Zipper fix it kit is quite handy when you don't have a lot of time to devote to repairs. With this in mind, the Quality Control folks inspect every slider/slider tab on your bag and for all warranty issues worked on. Zippers and sliders that do not meet our standards are replaced. Be aware Red Oxx won't replace every single slider. There just isn’t any way to tell if and/or when a tab will break off.


Warranty repairs are sometimes not pretty. Depending on the size of the hole, "darning" is a better fix than a patch. So in effect, a warranty repair is not a satisfaction guarantee, in the sense that, "But it shouldn't it look like new?" Sure, an ideal goal, but the underlying principle of a repair here is function. Your bag will be repaired so that is can continue to function for your needs. In this case, it's often "function over form".

What you can expect from a warranty fix is that it may have patches, or it may have darning's, etc. In other words, it will not look brand new. It will now have scars with stories to tell, much like ourselves.

An example of a repair patch over a small hole.

A sample repair patch on a Red Oxx bag.


A darning is when the seamstress runs their machine back and forth cross-hatching over the hole. The principle comes from back when your great grandmother used to darn her socks to make them last longer. Sometimes it's not pretty, but it is very effective for repairing small holes.

An example of a darning repair over a small hole.

A sample of a darning repair over a small hole.


A patch made from the same material as the bag (either CORDURA® Brand Nylon or Ballistic Nylon) is selected to match as closely as possible the color of your bag. NOTE: Dye-lots can vary from lot to lot, let alone a lot several years old. The edges are folded over and stitched into place. Usually both sides of the hole inside and outside will be patched.


If it's determined that the option is to offer a replacement, Red Oxx will replace it with the same style or the updated version of your bag in the same or a similar color. The Red Oxx "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty covers all our manufactured products including the Red Eye Collective Special Editions, the "ole back in the day" sporadic one-off custom work, Corporate gifts, etc. If Red Oxx built it, Red Oxx will fix it. NOTE: If you have an emotional attachment to your bag (it happens, we understand, no judgement), please state that on your warranty repair form. Fixing it will become a priority over replacing it.

Note that the "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty applies only to the original bag you bought. If your replacement bag, which you get for free, happens to fail as well, that is a SEPARATE Warranty Issue with a separate address. In other words, the bag you bought is the bag we'll replace, not the replacement of a replacement (exceedingly rare but worth a mention, none-the-less).

It seems like a no-brainer but "warrants" stating:

The more loving care you apply to your bag, the longer it will last without issue!

In the end, Red Oxx provides a Lifetime Warranty that can't be beat. The herd is proud of the gear we lovingly hand-craft and because of that, we are willing to back it for the life of that bag.

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