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Packing Cubes

Red Oxx now builds packing cubes at our factory in Billings, Montana. We designed five sizes to work in conjunction with all of our carry-on bags. You may build your very own custom packing cube kit or purchase the pre-selected "set". Simply select the quantities in any size that will suit your packing needs and add to cart. Our packing cubes come with the same "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty as all our gear. 

Red Oxx cannot honor any requests for exchanging the colors of the Monkey Fist Zip Knots. 

Now you can travel with ease using packing cubes that are designed and built to accommodate use in any Red Oxx travel bag. Click here to build your custom packing cube kit.


We recommend that you fold, then roll, your belongings for best packing cube fit and superior wrinkle reduction.

1.      Lay your clothes on a flat surface such as a bed. With both hands, pull outwards at the side edges of the garment. For shirts, pull at the shoulders, chest and waist; for pants or slacks, pull outwards at the hips, each knee and ankle; and for a skirt, pull at the waist, mid-dress and base. Attempt to lay your clothes as flat as possible with this method, then you can gently sweep your hands over the clothing and flatten it. The idea is to create a flat garment with crisp edges and minimal wrinkles that is ready to be folded over lengthwise. 

2.      Next, take each sleeve of the shirt and fold them over the chest, again pulling and sweeping them flat. Then fold the shirt in half, and once more. Repeat with the sides of a skirt or dress, folding it in half lengthwise, and again, keeping sure to smooth out any wrinkles. You can fold over a pair of pants this way as well. Fold again until you have a flat shirt, pants, dress or skirt about as wide as your cube.

3.      Now very carefully roll the belonging up from the bottom, once more smoothing out any wrinkles. Now you have a rolled package that will fit neatly width wise in your Red Oxx Packing Cube. You should be able to add two to six or so more belongings nestled inside the cube. Grasp the edge of the lid with one hand and pull on a zip knot with the other, zipping it around to the front, repeat on the other side.

4.      Open the main compartment of your Red Oxx carry-on bag and lay flat. Insert your packed cubes into the main compartment or use the tie downs (if any) in the side compartments of your Red Oxx carry-on bag to hold the packing cube in place. You should be able to fit up to four Medium or Large Cubes in the main compartment in a stacked 2 x 2 arrangement. If you have a top-loading duffel such as a Safari Beanos bag, you can lay them flat and stack them or insert them sideways.

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