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Will Red Oxx Ever Build A Lunch Cooler?

The primary reason Red Oxx will never make a lunch cooler is because it would be a constant unpleasant warranty issue. Food rots, it stains, it attracts insects, rodents, and household animals, it stinks, it's sticky, it's icky and molds can be dangerous and could cause allergic reactions or illness within our Warranty Inspection Team employees

The secondary reason is that we have never found a sew-able insulating material that meets our strict sourced in U.S.A., and build-quality, standards. That said, sewing a bag creates a hole with every stitch. Red Oxx does not have the capacity to heat-seam a proper waterproof cooler. Heat Seam machines are expensive and require a uniquely different production style of building a bag.

However, Red Oxx is constantly looking for quality, made in U.S.A. lunch coolers that are worth recommending, or possibly selling on our website. If you know of any, please Contact Us subject line "lunch cooler brand".

The Engle brand  and Grizzly Coolers are becoming popular brands among railroaders being durable for the railroad environment.  

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