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Password Reset

We understand how frustrating it can be when you can't remember your password or it does not seem to work. During our transition to a new website platform in December of 2019, our new provider informed us that ALL DATA from previous customer accounts would not transfer over to the new domain. 

What does this mean for you, our loyal customer? 

You will have to create a NEW ACCOUNT with a new password or use the handy access code by email. The former works as before, create a new account and password and login as usual. 

The later "access code" is handy because it does not require you to remember a password (other than your email account)...  you will have to log into the email account you select to send the access code to in order to receive your new access code. Each sign-in session will require a NEW access code to be generated.

NOTE: the email with the access code will come from Vtex, our website platform provider, not Red Oxx, so be aware and check your spam box.

In other words, the access code will change every time you access your account. Most sessions last 24 hours, so you will need a new code if you try to re-access your account outside of a 24 hour window. While this sounds frustrating, if you have your email account open in a tab, it's actually a preferred method to log into your account. Red Oxx does recommend that your email password be secure! Generally avoid using words, use at least 8 characters, upper and lower case, numbers and symbols are recommended.

Red Oxx can no longer reset the password for you.

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