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How To Track Your Order

Once a bag is prepped for shipment, you will be sent a tracking email from whichever shipping provider is available. In most cases on large item orders, we now use FedEx or UPS. For smaller items or special shipping requests, we usually use USPS. Your tracking email will appear to be from Please whitelist. 

If you have created an account you can log in to review your order and get tracking numbers. Go to the header navigation and click on the "sign in" link. You can then select which option you would like to log in, either be sent a one-time use access code (use the email you registered with Red Oxx), or sign in using a password and the email you used to register with Red Oxx. Access codes are handy in that you are not required to remember a password, but you will have to open your email account to get the access code.

Generally Red Oxx ships an order when all items are ready to ship, packing it in its entirety. Some gear may need to be built, which can take from 14 to 30 days. Occasionally items we sell, but do not make, might be sold out. Those items are usually ready to ship within 14 days. 

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