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Discounts, Coupons or Sales

Red Oxx is the sole manufacturer of all our Red Oxx Bags, therefore our pricing is directly based on the cost of raw materials and measured labor time incurred during production. 

Since we sell directly to our customers via our website, the typical 30-60% markup from a middle man is not included. Consider this lack of pricing markup your "discount."

Our pricing is fair compared with our American made competition. This, along with our outstanding "no questions asked" "no bull" unconditional Lifetime Guarantee, plus our zealous efforts at maintaining the "Gold Standard of Customer Care", our satisfying and interesting website user experience, and of course, most importantly, providing a desirable and decent standard of living for our employees, means that every penny that goes towards your bag purchase is a rewarding and worthwhile experience for all involved. 

Plus, not having discounts, coupons or sales, it saves the lives of several of Montana's endangered Jackalopes

These are some of the reasons Red Oxx does not offer product discounts, discount programs, nor can we honor Internet coupons, and why we never have any "sales".

As our satisfied customers (and a few grateful Jackalopes) repeat over and over in thousands of our product reviews, "You get what you pay for."

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