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I'm Having Trouble Placing An Order

We’re happy to help! Email us at Contact Us Contact Us, subject line "problem placing order" or call toll free 1-888-RED-OXXX (1-888-733-6999), or contact us through our live chat.

Browsers: Occasionally, we experience some usability issues with certain browsers. For example, perhaps you can't add a color to your order. For most efficient use of the Red Oxx website, we recommend that you maintain updated browser platforms on your computer. You can find the latest updated software on the Internet, just type in "Firefox update" or "Chrome update" for example.

Soft Failure:
If you see this error, it means that your credit card isn't AVS supported. Many times this is because it is an international order. Sometimes it also could be that part of the address the customer typed in doesn’t match up exactly as it appears on the credit card account. "Soft Failure" will show up when the customer gets the order confirmation if the credit card they are using isn’t AVS supported. Customer service will contact you to confirm your billing address and credit card number.

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