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How Can I tell if my Bag is on Backorder?

When you select the product for purchase, such as when you choose a color or size that may be out of stock, an availability window will pop up and display as “OUT OF STOCK” if the product is not currently available. We urge you to place your order to place it in our production schedule instead of waiting for it to come back into inventory. By placing an order on an out of stock item it then becomes known as backordered.

Due to backorder inventory status, some products might be indefinitely out of stock and will only be produced if you have placed an order for them. From there it’s FIFO, and industry term for “first in, first out” – meaning that if someone placed an order before you for a product that is out of stock, they will be shipped their order before yours. Think of it as collecting a “next in line” number while waiting to be served.

"Why is my bag on back order?" you ask? Demand. People want a bag that is made in America from American sourced materials, that comes with a "No Bull" no questions asked Lifetime Warranty, a bag that is well designed, carefully constructed and dare we say, good looking. We can only build so many bags in a week. Here is more information about our team and our production practices.

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