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Aviator Bags and Straps

We are often approached about adding a carry strap to our Aviator line of Kit Bags. While this seems like a great idea, we researched and tested and found that it would not work. Here's why:

1. All Aviators are designed to be "break-over" zipper configured bags. What this meas is that the zipper rolls all the way over the top and down both sides. Therefore there is no reinforced area to add a D-ring to the bag. Adding a strap will do two things - make the bag "floppy" and "twisty" and create a warranty issue weakness area where the bag could tear open at the location of the D-rings. Typically to prevent this from occurring, we attach all our handles to a sturdy webbing wrapping anywhere from 1 to 3 inches wide that is stitched and wrapped all the way around the bag. The location points or the D-rings are then reinforced with our signature double XX stitching.

2. Several years ago, Red Oxx complied with a customer's wish to attach D-rings to the bag so that they could be carried with our Claw Shoulder Strap. Prototype testers found the bag uncomfortable to carry as it required constant balancing. In other words it flopped and twisted around. The product testers hated it. The idea was dropped.

3. Management also made it clear that adding a shoulder strap would not only require redesigning the entire Aviator line of bags but would mean that the reasoning behind the product line, to create an affordable line of bags that are clean and simple, was defeated.

4. However, an ingenious idea was utilized by a loyal Red Oxx customer who came up with a way to carry an Aviator by a strap. You can read up on this idea here.

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